Who is Blue Pisces?

Our core team grew up in Infrastructure and lived the Shared Services life.

We get it.

Result Getters 

We made names for ourselves by being able to not only deliver, but thrive in chaotic environments. 

Talent Filters

We speak DevOps and can filter candidates better than any other firm can so you spend less time interviewing. 

Trusted Partners 

Balance is our primary focus in every engagement. We’re not religious about any particular process or tool. 

What We Do

Why We Do It

We know…

  • How hard it is to recruit the right talent that can add value to your team.
  • How messy project and operational work are to manage together.
  • How hard it is for PMOs to effectively service DevOps teams.
  • What engineers complain about when it comes to how other teams interact with them.
  • How painful project reporting can be when your team is in the critical path but no one understands your world.
  • How few people in your company knows what DevOps means.
  • There is simply too little thought leadership out there to reference.

We took on the challenge of fixing this.