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The primary goal of every migration is a smooth cutover. 

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Why choose us?

  • Migrating your infrastructure can be disruptive, time consuming, and a complex endeavor to take on yourself. 
  • You need a dedicated project manager who will drive your migration to completion, not just be a passenger holding a clipboard. 
  • Our team understands the technical challenges of a migration as well as the best processes that lead to a smooth cutover. 
  • Whether you need to do something small like move to another cage, or bigger like fork-lift your entire infrastructure to another data center or the Cloud, we can help.

What do we provide?

You can have any combination of the following:
  • Impact assessment for communication, implementation, and cutover planning
  • Communication plan for keeping everything appropriately informed and prepared throughout the project
  • Execution project plan that has all of the dependencies included
  • Weekly status report dashboards with timelines, progress & risks  
  • Full cutover plan including implementation steps, testing, roll-back, communications, and escalations
  • Disaster Recovery plan for your new infrastructure
  • Deprecation plan for the old infrastructure
  • We can provide all of the Project Management tooling needed to run the project, or we can use yours 
  • Day 2 Operations plan

What sets us apart?

Simply put, we’ve delivered so many migrations that we have been able to systematize our process and techniques to be repeatable. We know how to avoid the pitfalls that many migration projects will face because we’ve encountered them before.

This means we are not passive with your project, but are actively driving it to completion. Coupled with our fully transparent philosophy that provides the critical insight every migration project requires to be successful, your team can focus on getting more work done.

Our most important asset to us is the trust we build not only with your leadership, but with your team. We accomplish this by being in the trenches and rolling up our sleeves with your engineers, and by bridging the gap to the stakeholders on what’s really going on.

Our formula

For a migration to be successful, it needs a strategy that makes sense.

  • Why are you migrating? Is there a hard deadline?
  • How much is changing with the move? Is it a “lift and shift” or are you moving to that “shiny city on a hilltop”?
  • What is the tolerance for down time? Hybrid cutover vs “Big Bang”?
  • Understanding what’s at our disposal to make this migration happen is critical, in particular in areas like your technology and people capabilities.

  • What will the technology allow us to do? E.g., Can your network extend to the new location?
  • How much budget do we have to work with?
  • Who will be responsible for each part of the migration? E.g., do you have other vendors involved? Shared services?
  • Your success will be determined by the quality of your planning and your ability to mitigate issues and risks quickly.

  • What is the full inventory and plan for everything that needs to move?
  • How will the cutover be performed? E.g., Piece by piece or all at once? What’s the roll-back plan?
  • How will the new environment be supported in Day 2 operations?
  • There needs to be a solid communication plan throughout the migration to make sure the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time.

  • How do you bridge the gap between what’s happening on the ground to how you’re tracking towards meeting this larger business objective?
  • How will the teams doing the work coordinate effectively? E.g., daily stand ups, weekly planning?
  • What’s the approach to gain alignment with all impacted groups? E.g., end users, business stakeholders?
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