Kim’s Pacific Crest Trail Journey

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  • Day 65, June 21: Mile 881 to 902, Over Silver Pass June 21, 2022
    Start: Mile 880.6End: Mile 901.5Miles: 20.9Ascent: 5186 | Descent: 4310I woke up feeling slow and creaky, and took the first mile or two easy. I hiked an ascent up along Mono Creek, which was beautiful. When I got to the top of Silver Pass, Liz and Tikka were hanging out there and the others soon […]
  • Day 64, June 20: VVR/Mile 879 to 881 June 20, 2022
    Start: Vermillion Valley Resort - Mile 878.7End: Mile 880.6Miles: 1.9Ascent: 857 | Descent: 35I woke up at VVR without an alarm, and was still awake by 6am, womp womp. I got up to brush my teeth and found a hula hoop leaning against one of the nearby cabins. I amused myself with it for a […]
  • Day 63, June 19: Mile 856 to 875/Into VVR June 19, 2022
    Start: Mile 855.9End: Vermillion Valley Resort - Mile 874.5Miles: 18.6 (Total miles: 26.7)Ascent: 4365 | Descent: 2444It was hard to get out of my warm quilt again, and I got a little later start hiking than usual, around 6:30am. Squirrel Daddy said he would start hiking at 5am to make it to VVR (Vermillion Valley […]
  • Day 62, June 18: Mile 837 to 856, Over Muir Pass June 18, 2022
    Start: Mile 836.5End: Mile 855.9Miles: 19.4Ascent: 1714 | Descent: 4523The night was indeed chilly but my 10° quilt performed well, and I was very happy I went for the 10° instead of 20°, as some people online had recommended. Still, it was hard to get out of bed and face the cold morning. I hit […]
  • Day 61, June 17: Mile 823 to 837, Snowstorm Day June 17, 2022
    Start: Mile 823.4End: Mile 836.5Miles: 13.1Ascent: 3393 | Descent: 1698Wowee, what a crazy day! Definitely my craziest day on trail yet, weather-wise. The day started out as normal- I broke camp and started hiking early. It was a little chilly and I was hiking in my puffy for the first time since the very beginning […]