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My Internship at Blue Pisces Consulting​

The past two months as the Business Development Intern at Blue Pisces have flown by; I can confidently say I value the knowledge I’ve gained and enjoyed my time at Blue Pisces thoroughly. 

Day to day, I worked on several projects at a time all while learning about DevOps and Agile through training. My work, though tangentially related to DevOps and tech, had two fold impacts: internal and external.

What I Did Every Day

Internally, I assisted in creating automated workflows on Hubspot utilizing my knowledge of the Hubspot lifecycle stages. For example, I created an automated workflow that would send a message to Slack when a contact was changed to the opportunity lifecycle stage. I also created a map of avenues of expansion and external outreach that would point leads to the Blue Pisces website. The map also showed all of the ways that a lead could convert into an opportunity and eventually into a customer or partner. Furthermore, through a series of interviews with the Blue Pisces employees, I learned more about the industry and gained amazing career advice.

Externally, I worked on projects ranging from search engine optimizations to VSL script writing and production. To optimize the company’s website, I researched SEO optimizations and created progress tables to track the status of the optimizations. Everyday thereafter, I worked with Andy to execute those changes on WordPress. Changes included changing the keyword phrases, keeping the keywords consistent in the text of each page, and adding alt text to images. I also spearheaded the creation of the Blue Pisces VSL. I worked with the team to create and refine the script and produced the animated video. All of my projects were aimed to further Blue Pisces’s online presence.

Overall, I learned that there are many steps in the process of implementing growth opportunities as well as the importance of research of new markets and target prospective clients to influence a business’s strategic next steps. 

My Takeaways

My takeaways from my internship are wide-ranging. I learned technical skills like how to use WordPress, Hubspot, and SEO but I also learned to be adaptable and flexible, as the tech startup industry moves quickly. I am grateful to have worked with the most incredible team. Everyone at Blue Pisces truly cares for each other and their clients. I felt supported in every step along the way and felt like an integral part of the team!


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